Asleep Not Dead: Revival Alternatives

Do you that numb tingling feeling when you’re arm or leg “falls asleep”?  Technically it means you’ve reduce the blood circulation to next to nothing of that limb and it’s just starting flow properly again, and it kind of hurts, but it definitely feels weird and there’s also a particular coldness which is present the that limb.
I’ve been thinking about that a lot and how it seem so noticeable in the body of Christ, that when there’s a lack of blood flow when end up with some severe problems. Cranky, agitated ministries and ministers, numbness, pain, heaviness, lack of functionality. …these are all symptoms that are too common, and yet denied or “hidden” …as if you could hide such an awkwardness.

There’s a big difference between walking normally, and walking with a foot that’s “asleep”. There’s a strain and labor, where the blood isn’t flowing correctly. There’s an agitation when these necessary limbs don’t work just as they should. We depend on these limbs to function correctly at any given time, that to have a lack of blood flow, feels like being handicapped.

I often hear these phrase that Christians are “praying for revival”. But then when these people have described “revival” to me, it just sounds like what I assume to be normal Christian life. Could this be a lack of blood flow?  I don’t get the excitement of the body working like it’s suppose to work. What am I missing here? When did living up the standard that God has set before actually become an accomplishment, instead of just being the standard?

I feel like those claiming Christianity are so often keep with busy-work, and it has nothing to do with Christ Jesus or his words, and it has nothing to do with God or what he approves of, it’s only to do with pulpit fluffy and Christian author defecation of nonsensical busy work.  Something, of course, that would be highly denied even if it was true.
As a matter of fact, there are many times throughout the Bible when great men of God have emerged in times where the society and religious establishments said everything was going fine. It’s a few rough spots. Soon we’ll all be in a place of glory. …But this wasn’t the same message that was coming from God’s messengers.

Many of the prophets record times where the pulpit staff were acting in an untrustworthy manner.

Isaiah records it as “elders and dignitaries are the head,
    and prophets who teach lies are the tail;

The problem with this, besides the obviousness of a prophet who tells lies, is that the elders and “dignitaries” (according to this version) were never meant to be the “head”.  Yet this out of place order was so common that it wasn’t recognized as being out of place. Religiously we let ourselves and our spiritual communities get so cozyed up that we actually cut off blood circulation without knowing it. Then when we go to preform that function or more that limb there’s a deadness and a jerk, that happens instead of a normal swift movement. Our agility is reduced to heavy lifting of what should be functioning limbs, pulsing pins and needles, and slowness.

When my body moves like that, I know there’s a problem. So how can it be that something which claims to be the body of Christ assumes that it’s normal to have this laborious jerking motions?

To criticize something that calls itself church and acts otherly, is a humorous past time at best. But to realize there is a problem, and we each need to be responsible for our own part in said problem, that… that is resolution.

Please know, this isn’t normal. Revival, as well as wishing, hoping, and praying for revival …isn’t normal. Christ never instructed us to pray for revival. Stretching our limbs, working a healthy amount, rearranging our positions, taking in the proper nutrients, these are all healthy normal things that keep the blood flowing well. We do not need a quick fix, health-pill, because if we are the body of Christ, we are alive. We are well. We are functioning.

Stretch. Grow. Learn.


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