Words We Use

There is something beyond words, that we use to express ourselves. Perhaps in the most extreme situations this is the truest. To be whittled down into mere words, is an insult, a handicap, a lost, a silencing.

 “All I have is words, to which I’m a slave
I scribble them down, hoping they’ll save me…but I’m lost
…I am so lost”

– Mae
“You leave me with nothing but words
So I’ll put them together, and hope that I’m heard”

– Listener

It’s said that after World War II was over and when we had discovered the unfathomable reality of the Nazi death camps, one of the first things that happened was (I believe the president at the time) had it recorded with film (photography and video) so that the evidence would always remain with us, and people wouldn’t be able to out-right deny it. Unfortunately, so shortly after these tragedies there has arisen people who have tried to deny it.
Those who recorded the horrors on film,  knew such evil would lie to say it never existed. How sad that it’d be so soon (let alone ever). Beyond words, testimonies, and books, we now also have film (photography and video), to remember & record these horrific truths at the very least, and hopefully remind us not to bow to evil. I am thankful for those who choose to remind us of truth.

We are a people who love deeply, who hurt deeply, who feel deep callings that are unexplainable and yet are every bit as real as the hunger for food. In life we come to times where words are a poor means of capturing a moment or explaining the severity or portraying a need.

So we draw. We strum. We build. We dig. We walk. We look…we find…we capture a moment. We write. We hold on….just a little longer.

We move from a place where we use words to define the depths of our current circumstances, and into a place where we define the words as the essence of this moment, this feeling, this point in history. Whether love, wounds, wonderment, hope, …the place where hope once was, or even the search thereof.

We create to explain this is how we have lived. It’s not only to record ourselves, but to connect…knowing we do not face things in this life alone. We are one; one of many. We need to connect our hearts together, and if all we’re given is words, then we’ll find a way to transform words into heartbeats, rhythms you know. Rhythms I’ve felt. This is the beauty of creating. This is the beauty of allowing words to come into fullness. When our word describe reality and life, not just mere promises or flirts, then we’ve connected to the deep things.

We each have a rhythm that is attuned to our hearts. We may each hear a different calling, but different callings can align in a singular direction, a singular connecting point, a common ground.

We get lost in our own heads, thoughts, singularities, anxieties, busyness, feebleness. But being lost is never too out of the way to connect to one another. To hope for someone else, that which they no longer have the strength to hope for themselves. We are meant to work together, to encourage one another, to balance and to shake one another. To remind each other we are not alone, and we not be the only ones who feel alone.

In our lives we create markers for those who might pass through this way. Warnings of what roads not to take, and directions to the places of hope and restoring. With our lives we build monuments of what can happen. We must share our lives and stories together. We must listen to the stories, lives, and footsteps of others. We must pray for good, even if we expect the worse.

Our listening must be an observance beyond words.

If we always wait for words to tell us, how a journey is going and fullness of that life’s experiences, then we will miss many things. We may even miss very important things. Instead we need to listen through loving observations as well. We need to participate in the lives of those whom we love, and the loves of those who God has entrusted to us. We must find the bold humbleness that allows us to draw together, strum together, build together, dig together, walk together, look together…find together…capture a moment together. Write together. Hold on …just little longer to one another. Because these are the things that Love unfolds in our lives: intertwined paths.

Beyond words, life exist. Beyond description, beauty unfolds. Beyond myself, many lives have fought the same battles I fight. A few won. Others, like me, still fight. I am not alone. I am not an untold story. I am not unnoticed.

I am one. A one who is part of many. I hope one day, my life will be much more than words on page. I hope my heart will be heard…and loved for its irregular beat. But today…I use words.


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