Easter on Emmus Road

Easter this year reminds me of Emmus Road. 

“Did not our hearts burn within us?” 

That moment that you see Jesus as that man who has been walking with you in your midst of time or sorrow and broken hopes, wondering what happens next? No matter how convincing any speech maybe, nothing is true substitute for he revelation of Christ Jesus. There’s nothing that cures heartbreak and disappointed hopes like recognizing Jesus, as the friend or stranger who’s been willing to walk and talk with you. As a living entity. As a possibly. Nothing replaces Jesus. 

We live perpetual seeking the experiences where “our hearts burn within us” but sometimes… Sometimes we still miss Jesus. It’s scary. 

If we let the one who we’ve been speaking with, the one who has been burning our hearts up, if we let him pass…we may miss Jesus. We may never sit, rest, and realize who we’ve been with all along. And if we miss him, we miss all the promises. We stay broken hearted. We never look up. We have nothing to share. Nothing to be excited about. The road never truly goes anywhere. 

Emmus Road is tough. Even as our hearts burn within us, they still ache. It’s hard to hope again. Could it be?  

But nothing reveals like the everyday inmate Jesus.  If we invite him to stop and stay with us. It’s faith to invites others into your circumstance on days where you don’t make good company, but perhaps it’s necessary. 

Can we hope one more, one more time?


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