Why the Wilderness?

I admit, I feel like I’ve been whining to myself. I’ve wondering if there’s anyone else who notices these things, and if there is does anyone do anything about it?
It was that inglorious moment of Elijah on the Mount of God complaining about being the only one left, and not understanding God’s answer.

There I was wondering why any great prophet of God would ever do something like “a voice of one calling out in the wilderness”. Is it that no one else will less so the prophet has to cry out to the wilderness? The trees, shrubs, or even cacti, are these the only thing left in God’s creation to listen to the message of God?

…And then I got it.

Only that Babylon-based systems needs the city life, depends on the merchants shipments, awaits the luxurious modern prerequisites, and stays cloistered in the “safety” of the known “civilized world”.

But the people of God have never feared the wilderness.
They travel, preach, wander through, live-in, explore, and discover throughout the wilderness. Generation after generation stories of God’s people of throughout the wilderness continue to emerge.
And isn’t the just like God? Right where we’re sure there’s nothing to be seen or found, there… that’s where God’s glory really shows up.

I get it now.

I’m not alone in this. I am surround by the great cloud of witnesses. Here in the wilderness. I live amongst the people of God. I exist in the midst of God’s story for this time, this generation, these people. We are here, in the wilderness, because God’s people are here (in the wilderness) praying to God for a word. A message. A sign. A single person to stand in the gap.

I get it now.

The unseen, the unnoticed, those who cry out to God assuming no one else will hear their cries… these are always the people who God has identified himself with. They are the wilderness people. These are the ones that God sends us to when we don’t know where we’re going.

It’s too beautiful to conceive when we’re attempting to view things from the wisdom of the world. Indeed it takes the wisdom of God to full see the beauty of God. …and it’s worth beholding.

Now I feel like I can stand here with a smile and say “Hey there…” in the midst of the wilderness, simply knowing this is the beautiful way God achieves those amazing stories that the Bible itself is complied of. How wonderful to be a part of those living today, seeking God, and searching beyond the known standard.

This maybe a beautiful day afterall.


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