We Need Dreamers

We need dreamers.

Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking dreamers are the ethereal, conceptional, all play and no work people. They are not. Sometimes the misjudgment is made that dreamers and idealist are lofty, aloof, pretentious people. They are not exactly that either. Dreamers should also be known for being doers. They are the innovate, world-changing, try-try-again, problem solving people who have brought the world into new leaps and bounds. Often, even for this, they are hated.

To know me be friends with a dreamer is to live in the midst of a love story written about life itself. However a disappointed and scorned dreamer can be just opposite of these many beautiful things. A disilliousioned, I don’t care what happens to the world, mess. When dreamers are with held from dreaming they become the scorners, the scoffers, the do-nothing’s. They become the nightmares that no one else has the answer to, because without dreamers, idealist, romantics, lovers there is no moving forward. There is no picturing a world as it could be. There is no getting up today because hope maybe victorious. Without the dreamers things don’t even merely continue as they are, but they decay because the dreamers are the problem solvers.

We need the dreamers. They dreamers are doers. They get things done. They innovate, they conquer, they vindicate.

Dreamers need support systems to be their roots, not to hold them down from being too lofty or ethereal, but to hold them strong when things get rough up there. …to keep them from slipping in the wind speeds of life that you can’t even imagine (no pun intended) if you’re not also a dreamer. Dreamers need strong, deep support systems that don’t mind get a little bit of dirt on them for the benfit of all. Dreamers need to people who don’t want to angrily cut down their “loftiness”. Trust me folks, life itself we’ll make prunings to any dreamer, but only the ones with good healthy support systems will be the ones to make through those times alive. The rest face devastions that will turn them into something they were never meant to be shaped into.

We need the dreamers, and we need to love the dreamers, …the romantics, the idealist, the lovers, we need them too. People who change the world in a positive way simply because they saw something the rest of hadn’t imagined, these people are beautiful gift from heaven. I don’t want to lose them.

I make not guarantees that I could ever be the strong healthy dreamer to change the world for the better, but at least I’ve tasted enough of it know what this feels like. It hurts like hell (as the phrase goes). And for the ones who make it, it’s worth it. It worth it for all of us.

Dreamers change the world. Dreamers write music. Dreamers build enterprises. Dreamers care for wounded and those who need to be rehabilated. Dreamers love, even when love seems elusive, because a dreamer is compelled to become more than what is seen. Dreamers invent. Dreams scout, draw maps, climb mountains. Dreamers stay home and raise responsible children. Dreamers share their dreams, because maybe you can’t imagine things only going this far and stopping either.

Dreamers open doors for us to choose a beautiful future. We need the dreamers.


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