Simple As Raspberries


Today as I was picking raspberries at my mom’s house, I noticed something simple. When looking from over top of the plants, I saw a good few raspberries that need to be picked, but when I knelt beside the plants I saw I ton more raspberries that were in there and need to be picked. As I continued to get be low and look deeply, I found more and more raspberries. I had to get a bowl for them instead of just putting a few into my hand. This simple little act of working in the garden got me thinking about how we treat one another.

Often, all too often, we like to judge one another by what we see from a very distant point of view. It’s not unusually to have someone who thinks themselves to be older & wiser to tell us what our opinion is whether or not they know us. Their higher point of view seems to be more complete than what we could possibly know from where we are. yet… When I get low, when I make myself low, and I search deep I find more than I was previously aware of.


There’s deep rich fruit that can’t always be seen by the high & lofty. These little plants which look like they’re doing ok when we walk by, are actually doing great, when I kneel down to gentle reach into their midst. When I am willing to look like fool to search for that delicious little fruits, I find much, much more than I expected. When I am in the dirt, the same dirt as these little plants, I see what they’ve been working so hard on. This is their season, and they’re doing so much better than I’d previously noticed.

If I can misjudge a little berry plant, then I know I can and have misjudge people. I know I’ve been misjudged. Yet as long as we have these ideas that those who are high up are the ones who have a better perspective on things, then we’re going to be missing out on the simple advice Jesus gave to us. “If you want to be the greatest, in the kingdom of God, you must become the servant of all”.  Let me just say, the lowliest place isn’t shameful, it has quite a view. It brings a good bit more joy then we’d previously known. It’s messy and it may look silly, but for the things that matter, there is rejoicing.

The ripest sweetest fruits aren’t always the most obvious ones. Sometimes a little bit of searching and a new perspective, and a willingness to be in the midst of things allows a view to change our hearts. Sometimes we only see the true value of one another when we’re in the dirt together, looking deeply into the lives we’ve built, and noticing our season is here and now.


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