Today the Forgotten One

I’ve been listening to this song, and reminds me of a few of the many things my husband and I seem to ask ourselves everyday. ….Which got me thinking… what do other people think about everyday in way big picture kind of way? Then I realized in our culture we have all these inspirational quotes, the start with these words: “At the end of the day…”  and then you add what does and doesn’t matter. Examples:

At the end of the day all we have is who we are
At the end of the day let there be no excuse, no explanations, no regrets
At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what others think of you, as long as your happy
And I wonder, If that is the end of the day… then how did it begin?
Was there’s a lose or a gain somewhere? Was there hope, defeat, challenge, stagnicity?

This got me wondering… Why do we, as culture, as a people wait until the end to ask questions about where we are? Does everybody do this?

My husband and I seriously wake up, and almost everyday, we have hopes, questions, and we try decide what we’re going to be and do that day, and try to have specific intentions about our own lives. That doesn’t mean that what we are or what we do is truly world changing or is getting us to that next place in life that we long for, but it means we are accountable for our own actions on any given day. We check our pulse and ask ourselves hard questions. We search for answers, for better questions, for open paths. We pray, we hope, we believe, and sometimes we writhe with the unbearableness of the in between-ness that now often seems to be. …yet at the same time we try not to take this time for granted.

There’s something scary and necessary about standing in the middle of these circumstances and deciding… daily even… what we choose to be right now. It could be the wrong answer, and we can’t blame on “once upon a time, we decided to…” because we decided again today to continue on this path. This beautiful crazy wilderness path we’ve come to love.

How many of us take the time to consider what we’re doing? How often do we make a choice to decide what this day might be? We can’t control life and how things turn out, but we can decide about ourselves what do we want to be and what do we want to do with our life. Our priorities allow us to choose how much of our existence is just continuing on something we started “once upon a time” and how much is it a choice we’ve made today.

I feel like a lot of the heartache the systems create is from mere perpetuating of that system with total lack of sustainability. So maybe the easiest way from me to show myself I am not just part of some system and following someone else’s steps, is for me to consider what today means. For me, I want to start considering it from the beginning of the day, if I have at all have the strength to do it. I don’t want to just look back over a day, a year, a lifetime, and then try to make a conclusion out of it all. I want to choose today. I want to choose tomorrow morning. I want to consider the consequences before we get there, and I want to hope. I want to try something that I haven’t seen done. Something that most of us have lost faith in or that we simply didn’t even take the time to consider.

I want to give hope those who come after me. It’s so important that my life isn’t spent merely on me. I need to know if the path less traveled is legit, because I need to tell everybody else. There so many faces begging for more to life than existence of days that pass by hardly noticed. Maybe if I could live in way that counts, day in and day out, then maybe someone else could do it too. Maybe if  I could consider what this day means, then maybe someone else will be able to follow that step and consider what their life means today. Maybe just today. Maybe undiscovered beauty could be found in the faces of the most normal circumstances, or the most forgotten eyes.
Maybe if I can make down this path, then maybe one other person can also make down the road less traveled. Maybe there will be a solid truth to hope in, one that we hadn’t previously considered.

I want to make this count, but I want it to count before it’s all over. There’s so much at stake everyday. I wonder…
What do we consider everyday? What about today? Will it be any different? Can hope live here?


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