Too Late Already?

My brother was a groomsmen in a wedding this past weekend. I have no idea how many it’s been for him, at least 7, besides his own wedding. He’s the kind of guy who’s easy to be friends with. He’s always been able to make and keep friends as long as I can remember. A skill that I never did work on polishing myself.

I am well into my adult years and I wonder about new friendships at this point in my life. How possible is it?  To read articles or blogs on the internet about it is certainly less than encouraging. It’s more like a bad dream.  Is there a cutoff date in life for friendships and connecting with new people? Or is it simply that we all choose to “keep our nose to the grindstone” and everything else becomes secondary in life? Is adult-life less friend oriented than past decades?

I’ve always had both friends and family around me without too much of a need to worry about one or the other. But Now in adulthood I find that the rules and cordialities have change in both family and friendships. Certainly some change is good, but other change is unexpected and harder to find footing upon.

My husband & I have been married a good few years now. We are the ridiculous couple who’d love to spend all our time together, and actually guilty-ly miss each other when we go our separate ways for an evening out with the guys or out with the girls. It’s nerdy. It’s awesome.
We’ve meet quite a few couple friends here & there over the years of being together, and sadly we’ve seen many couples fade from our friendship and/or radar in life.
I’ve always understood that friends do and will come and go. While it sad, it is part of life. Mostly I don’t mourn it too much. But have I reached an age where people’s heart a little more closed? Is that an age thing?

My husband & I are hoping to move into a time in our lives where we can invite more people in and learn and laugh and love together. Do life together. Is it too late?

We’ve been praying, hoping, believing, and waiting to see if God might bring us to 4 families who would also have a similar hope, dream, and calling from God to “work in the wilderness” if you will. 4 years later… we wonder if we know 2 families who would even join us should God miraculously provide tomorrow? Is it because we suck at making friends? Are we too serious in our believing? Have we just not meet the right people with similar hearts or interest? Or are we just too far of the edge from “how God works”?

I have no idea.
The frustration is immense.

We see people kind of settling down into their life, making themselves secure, padding their nest. Yet my husband & I are at the place where we’re ready to try something new and adventurous, both feet in. We have hope beyond reason, and it’s so high that even smaller disappointments feel like an acute death.

Again I find myself relating a little bit more to Abraham and the story of how he was well past the age of seeing his promised miracle come forth by any natural means. Am I too old to hope for many, new, deep, and even life-long friendships? Is it too much too ask? Is it too late already to be waiting to see if a miracle can exist?

My life’s timing isn’t in-tuned with societies schedule. My spirit within me has taken me through some hard task. Mostly I’ve been thankful. Most I’ve learned from previous trying times and experiences. Mostly I don’t consider what the culture has to say about timing in life. Following my own path has been beautiful and rewarding. Yet we all hit points in where we wonder what will become of this particular situation.

The wisdom of the world verses the wisdom of the Bible (or of God), and like any reasonable believer, what’s a stake is everything.


One thought on “Too Late Already?

  1. New activities bring new people into your life. Go be bold and daring with trying new things and you will meet new people. It’s never too late. My spouse and I are in the same boat. We are an island of one but we are okay with that. The right people will come along but there’s no need to go looking for them and for us if they don’t…that’s okay too. I get to keep my beloved all to myself.


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