Love, Choice, Happiness

It was a normal moment of talking about God with our previously atheist friends. My husband driving & talking while I’m in the front sit listening (for the moment) and our best friend in the back of the car, also listening, while my husband explains something we’ve already discussed many times. …but of course this time was different. This time my tears we’re on-call. This time I had more than hint of how personal God is and has been with us. This time we were living in the same situation we’ve put God into.

At the end of last month we asked this great friend of ours to come live with us. We apologized for not asking point-blank long ago. Sure we’ve offered, but never really just gone and asked or even begged. Inside our spirit is a was like pleading for this great man’s soul. Externally, it probably looked more like two loving but crazy people asking for an insane adventure to someone who’s just starting to get the opportunity he’s believes in. It was a collision of wisdoms.

That moment lead to this moment in car.

The subject being expressed in the car was one started by someone else’s bumper sticker that said “Love Wins”.  We explained that this was a book and in the book the author opened a different concept to the question, “If God is a loving God why does anybody go to hell?”  The author’s concept came across with the idea that if God is loving, why would he make you spend eternity with him when/if you didn’t want anything to do with God your whole life? A Loving God probably would let you have what you’ve always wanted. …unfortunately being fully separated from God is being fully separated from Love, beauty, hope, Life… and that… that is hell.
It was a “highly controversial book”, but this concept took on a new meaning that “normal night”.

Here we were, we’d asked our friend to come live with and try a new way of living, but it was up to him to choose. He felt like he should stay right where he is and see what it may lead to. We asked a few more times and discussed many things, but ultimately it’d be unloving of us to “force” him to come with us and see things from our point of view. We have no intention of being like that anyway. We too want him to be happy.
If he believes where he is now is the road to happiness, then we can’t take that from him. We wouldn’t want to take that from him. We can only tell him, we’d really like him to come and try this some time, and that the door is always open. We can only hope that he’ll choose sooner than later, but we secretly realize he might never choose to come live life with us. …and that’s risk that come with being loving and honoring.

Going through these subtle circumstance reminds me of how much God gently admonishes us to come and walk along the path that is truly good for us, and how we can often say no. It’s ok if we say no, but the truth is we’re missing out and we don’t even know it.
There’s something so dearly important about our dear friend, and he is ever in our prayers, but there is also something dearly important about each one of us. We probably don’t know. We probably don’t see, and we probably wouldn’t comprehend it from where we are now. But there is definitely a reason why God is calling us onward.
If we stay merely content where we are now, believing this might be our big break, then we’ll never know what could have been. It could literally change the world. It might only change our world. But there’s a choice. …there’s always choice. We each must choose. Whether we have fear, courage, fearlessness, hope, disappointment, or barely a guess of what’s next… it’s still our choice. But the consequences effect much more than just us.

Some adventures come slowly, others leap out of nowhere, but question is: are you ready? The choice is yours.

Let’s journey onward, friends.


One thought on “Love, Choice, Happiness

  1. In expressing the love of God, we must express other’s freedom. As much as we desire to see the best, and to offer benefit beyond comprehension, ultimately love wins because they will get what they desire most: blessing or consequence. It’s a hard word to accept sometimes, but it is true, and it is indeed the love that we desire to be able to show.


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