Remembering the Resurrection Life

You know how it is when you hear the amazing stories of faith? Not just the ones out of the Bible, but the ones where the Body of Christ is actually acting like the people of God without a second thought. Have you heard any of those recently? My husband & I use to listen to this one preacher who was able to tell many stories where God’s people provided for one another.
One lady who was working full-time and raising her three kids could barely afford rent, and so an older couple in the church asked if they could meet with her and seek God’s will on these issues. She agreed and they setup an evening to meet. The couple arrived to her apartment to pick her up and drove a few block away to another house that the lady didn’t recognize, where they all get out. …And then something crazy happened. The older couple hand her house keys and said to her, “it’s yours, the deed is in your name.” The older couple had bought it out right and given it to her, so that she wouldn’t have to worry about housing bills anymore.

We’ve heard stories about “ding dong ditch” in the fashion of people leaving groceries on the doorstep of families in need. We’ve heard about a single-mom who received a car (fully paid for) so she wouldn’t have to worry about getting to work, or spending obscene hours on a bus instead with her kids. And the preacher who told most of these stories simply said “it’s living the resurrection life”.

I remember these stories from 4 or 5 years ago, and I remember my husband & I saying that we wish we were part of something like that. But God said to us, at that time, “You are the resurrection life for the people around you.”  I guarantee we’ve never bought anyone a car or a house! But we have bought or shared groceries from time to time. We did help someone who wasn’t sure where money would come from. We have assisted people setup their weddings, so that they could enjoy it all the more. We have paid for a few things here and there … but really… does that compare to the stories we’ve heard?

In some ways, my husband and I are becoming poorer in earthly things, although we still have many things and God has provided for us. We have worked hard for the little we have, and we have been still and learned to deal with less. We have enjoyed all the seasons of these last 7-5 years. We have learned much. Possible the greatest thing we have learned to is pour ourselves out as a drink offering (Philippians 2:13-17 & 2 Kings 4:1-7). Meaning that as long as we have something to ourselves, we are still willing to give and to share what we have.

Having less things and dependable income possibly allows us to share more of who we are and our heart to those who are willing to receive such a thing. We do realize that some people don’t want to share in deeper things, but for everyone who doesn’t want that there are many more who are crying out for it. God hears this cry, I believe, and sends us (and our prayers) to these different people. Right now, I wouldn’t say that my husband & I have touched many lives with this “resurrection life” which we are called to, but for the few we have, they have impacted us to greatly that we are only more willing to be lead by God. Even if our leading is to be in the wilderness as some of the prophets and men of God were in their days. It’s amazing that where ever we might be, we believe that God means to use us and our prayers to bring this “resurrection life” to those who have been crying out for it in the night.

We all want to know that if there is a God, that it’s a Living God who cares. What better way for a relational God to express this, than through his people who have already put their hope in him?
I want be part of the living expression of a God who cares. Just like the great stories of faith of people both from the Bible and from our day and age, I want to be a willing vessel who believes in God more than earthly circumstances around us. There’s so many people who need to know that God cares and he’s real, that it seems just ridiculous to be watching out for our own selves as number one.

Love is made perfect in the sharing, not in isolating until perfection. Resurrection Life can only be made real in the living, because it takes more than good words to prove the legitimacy of these most sacred things. Let’s try this together.


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