Simple Symbiosis

Recently my husband and I spent some time visiting with friends. It wasn’t an average visit. It was wonderful and deep. We felt very honored in our time together. In my mind I consider the sacredness of treating specific parts of our body with a certain honor. My husband & I have felt so bottom-of-the-barrel for some time now, but at the same time we do believe this is our path even if that means being lowly in the sights or thoughts of others. There must be a good for us to do down here at the bottom-of-the-barrel, so we patiently walk out this path/journey and simple don’t fret about it.  But this recent visit has opened our eyes to realize we do have a very necessary part in this body-of-Christ, which also made me think about symbiotic relationships that exist in nature.

The picture I’m using (above) to represent symbiotic relationships is an impala and oxpecker. The oxpecker bird cleans the impala from any ticks, mites, lice, earmites, and the like.

I think there are times in life where we experience plenty of people who seem to tells we’re in the wrong or we’re being too extreme, but our hearts are still telling us to continue in this path and to continue to walk this out. The truth is, even when you set your heart and mind to something, that doesn’t always make it easy. Sometimes the continual questioning of our sanity and/or sensibility get to us, and might even cause us to question ourselves. I imagine everyone faces this.

Here’s the thing, sometimes what we’re called to do and be isn’t exactly what is expected. Sometimes God picks out people who are not suppose to go with the flow of things in Christianity. Sometimes we’re just like little oxpeckers in the world of cattle, zebras, impalas, hippopotamuses, or rhinoceroses, and people want to know what’s wrong with us. The truth is nothing is wrong with us.

What kind of health would the cattle, zebras, impalas, hippopotamuses, or rhinoceroses have without the oxpeckers and egrets? Even when we work differently and live differently, we’re still helping each other. The oxpecker is a getting a nice little addition to his diet, and the impala is getting groomed for better health.

We need to make sure that we’re not treating people like the “Ugly Duckling“, and that we ourselves don’t have the “Ugly Duckling” syndrome. We need to realize the simple truth that God has made many kinds of creatures to preform different need task. It’s ok for us to be something a little bit different than the people next to us or even the people we admire. We need to realize that sometimes the gifts God gives us make us different, and being different can be a very necessary function in the body-of-Christ. There’s plenty of room God’s heart for variety, so let’s not be the one to stifle what God’s created for beautiful and fullness.

Instead, Let’s continue on this journey, together.
Here we go…


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