14 small things

14 small things learned in 2014, that have changed my perception on things.
In no particular order:

Although my husband and I view Israel as still having a key role in our modern faith, that doesn’t mean that we are united with others who confess this as well. We are sojourners; rejected by some, welcomed by others, but often sent on our way.

Some birthday milestones just feel right. No dread, no worries, no regrets.

Some people believe that God the Father is above Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This is a news flash to me. I would think that would ruin the communion of the Triune God, but maybe that’s just me…

McAllister’s deli/restaurant is everything my mom said it was. Thanks for the recommendation mom!

One’s belief in what is fit & healthy is as varied as one’s belief of what it is to be in love.

Poisonous snake bites can be “cured” by elctro-shock to the bite. This cause the venom to become a sort of protein your body can use. Crazy right?

Big Cats love catnip just like domestic house cats.

Hyperbaric chamber can help in lot of odd and/or severe healing cases. Thanks the canopy theory Creationist, I’ve heard/read a lot about these numerous interesting medical studies.

The wonders of coconut oil! Well… I’ve learned a few of them. The dental health proprieties is some of the most interesting things that I learned about coconut oil this past year. There still much more to learn.

The beauty of tears shared within a healthy fellowship are not in vain.

Greek philosophy is still exalted in modern day, although it is a very unhealthy, unholistic approach to society.

Spent shotgun shells can be turned into jewelry.

The church is still alive, but it’s not what we call “the church” nowadays. But most importantly she’s still alive and well. I am so thankful to learn this!

When it comes to serving people, sometimes you can only do so much. People, even ones you love, might just chose to live in an un-communal reality. Don’t try to change this. Only do what you can, and then have enough faith that God could bring someone else to teach them what you can’t. We are not superheroes, here to change the world into perfect order every time, but we are the people of God, and working together will indeed change the world. Sometimes you can only do so much, and then move on to others who really do want the truth and reality which you also seek. Don’t be sad. One never knows what could happen, just within this next year.


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