You’re not Nothing

“We must know that we have been created for greater things, not just to be a number in the world, not just to go for diplomas and degrees, this work and that work. We have been created in order to love and to be loved.”
― Mother Teresa

It’s possible you’ve come across the religiously-associated articles about how the Millennials are leaving the church. This always gets me all cranked up, and I wish I could make myself stop reading them, but haven’t stopped yet.  People who write these things often are still in the church system, and many times aren’t even Millennials.  …And WE are being misrepresented.

– Just so that we’re clear Millennials often refer to the youngest generation, which would start with births in the early-mid 1980s and go into 2000s or possibly modern day if you like fudge-room. –

But here I stand… God help me, I can do no other.  (a Martin Luther quote)
You need to know, the Millennials still hear the voice of their Shepherd. Unfortunately this hasn’t lead us into all unity with the corporate “body” that already exist. We hear the calling of the Shepherd and many of us have come out to the wilderness to be led by the Spirit, though uncomfortable it may be, we follow the Shepherd.  Deep calls to deep and we are compelled to respond even if that means we are outside the religious system. We must seek Truth even when people tell us that we don’t even believe in “absolute Truth” anymore.  What we do believe is something inside us hasn’t silenced itself yet, and we need answers!

Is this really so different from other generations? It’s time to stop implying it’s merely bad children who do not follow the system and feed the machine, and it’s time to start noticing that there is more than just “some hope” left for us. This generation has already shown it can be intuitive and discerning, and these are much need traits in these times.

Let he who has ears to hear, hear what the Spirit is saying.
You’ve got what you need. Let’s just talk about how to use it.

College debt is despised for all the right reasons. The Millennials aren’t just complaining, their spirit inside them is crying out “This isn’t how it’s suppose to be!!” and they’re right.

Let’s nutshell this problem down to make it quick:

One has to go to college if they want to find a “good job” to make “enough money to live on” let alone to prosper a little bit. So you need a “temporary loan” because college cost too much to afford, but if you don’t afford it you won’t ever afford anything because you’ll not have a “great job” and you’ll get left behind, because the system only accepts people who have a paper (a degree) which say they will bend over backwards and do what they’re told, when they’re told, and that makes them intelligent because they did what they are told to do without asking questions about “why”.
Never ask why. It just is this way.
However sometimes the system might slightly burp and it doesn’t have as many jobs as maybe indirectly implied (but not promised, of course), but it’ll definitely be back up and running in no time just keep trusting the system and press forward.

Did I miss a few things? I’ll work on it.

But let’s talk about these things and the different ways in which the Bible talks about that were just mentioned:

Ask why!
God actually expects people, particularly children to ask “why?” and God has made provision for these children to ask “why” and has given reason for that which God does because God loves children and he loves those who will seek & learn for the sake of knowing Truth at it’s core.

Loans that are never cancelled, until every last penny is paid, are not temporary loans but a form of slavery and God does not endorse slavery or the perpetuation of it.

Depending on others to hire you isn’t really mentioned in Bible except for prostitutes, prodigals, the poverty stricken (servants), and foreigners. Originally (which I believe is foundational for understanding) God calls us to tend to his creation and work the land, every man from his vineyard, every person from their flock or ingathering of their field (garden), each of us to make that which we need –clothing, food, shelter. These things were a given fact of how life was to be. Can we now say that doesn’t apply in our modern time of trade, specialization, and luxury?  Or…

Is it possible that God actually expects use to live sustainably and to take care of one another? How will that help us to get-ahead or become more powerful than others (nations) around us? Could it be that we’re so far sold on the modern corporate society that we don’t even think about what we are contributing too? Or where this all is going?

Could this be the reason the modern job market isn’t working as well as we had expected it too? Is God giving us a chances to wake up, look up and realize that as Christians we are not building up a Christian-like nation at all, where God blesses America, but much instead a tyranny run under the ways of the principalities who come only to steal, kill, and destroy? Is God waking up the youngest generation first because we are the first to go into the days of tribulation?

I think there’s a possibility there.

I definitely think we need to start asking the “whys” instead of just noticing things aren’t working exactly right and waiting for them to become magically fixed again by society. I do believe that God does still give us signs for the seasons, but we have to look at them to see them and notice a bigger picture context.

It seems to me this generation has some really, really healthy signs to it. If this youngest generation can merely intuit these things are wrong (don’t work and don’t bring what’s promised) and be willing to protest these infactuals, and even make note that we’re living in a mechanical system that forces us, living organism, into oppression with no known alternative, then that’s awesome! I’m so proud of my little brothers and sisters! Like little sea turtle babies make their way into big ocean all by themselves. They’ve got this!

“You are not nothing.”

This is possible my favorite quote from the movie Walk the Line (which is not appropriate for children in the least bit), a story about Johnny Cash & June Carter.  I wish could say this over and over again to this youngest generation, “You are not ‘nothing’.” “You’re worth more than this” “You don’t have to live like this”  I could spend the rest of my life with myself & husband taking in this generation one by one and telling every last one of them, “you’re not nothing

I know some people just choose to be bad people and can’t be dissuaded, but who, please tell me who, would throw away a whole generation and shrug it off, and then say to themselves, “well we’ll get just wait for the next one”?  Who does that?

I’ll tell you who never does that: God.  A Living God never, ever, ever ask for you to throw away or burn (in so many ways) or abandon on some hillside or purposefully harm or make a sacrifice out of your living children with whom he entrusted to you. As a matter of fact God says it never would even cross his mind to make such a request (Jeremiah 7:31, 19:5, 32:35).

If we choose to be Christians, then we are a part of the family of God and in that center-source is where we find our core and identity. Church politics, rules, regulations, attendance won’t suffice for identification as Christian, one must find their identification in the family of God. We must know the Triune God, we must know the Bride of Christ, we must know where and how and why we fit together in all this.  These things can be found, but we need not scavenge through theology, philosophy, or culturally relevant dogma, but we must scour through the Bible, hear the voice of the Living God, and be in communion with the saints. It’s always been this way, through all of history and so it will be to the end of time (or end of the age).


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