Not very mommy-like

I woke up Friday morning and felt a certain inclination to start writing some thoughts down, while the words “feminine, maternal, motherly” arose in my spirit. 6hrs later I noticed had been writing for a little while and had better check to see what time it was, oops! All that time writing and I didn’t not truly write anything about the feminine, maternal, or motherly aspects of living this life. Did I miss it?

Well first off if you don’t know me very well just yet, which I often think is like everybody except my beloved husband because we spend way too much time together -thank God!-, I should say I am not maternal. I am a terrible person who makes other people gasp or hold their breath because when my husband & I married and everyone asked that next question, “Are you guys planning on having children?” I said straight and severely “No.” Such youthfully ignorant statements were written off with “Well you’re young. Maybe later on you’ll change your mind” or the most popular “…EVER?!”
Who knew simply getting married could make me into an instant birthing machine? I had no idea!

Let’s get two more thing straight.
One: I didn’t get married at 18 or 20, or the next couple of guesses. I have an idea of how to get pregnant and/or what being a mommy really takes. I feel sure that birthing children isn’t my ideal desire of life. That doesn’t mean I’ll never raise children, lots of kids already need homes. I might be someone’s momma someday, but as for now…
TWO:  I am Aunt Kim.  If you don’t know what to call me, I’d hardly be offended by anyone at any age calling me this. I love this title and I’ve been told I do it well. I like to stick to what I am good at. Screaming children is not what I am good at. Maternal is not one of my top qualities. Getting holes in every pair of my jeans from playing with kids, playing with the dogs, and gardening -that’s what I do. Not very mommy-like as far as I am aware.

Books like Kisses for Katie (by Katie Davis) give me hope that I’d have some potential to be motherly to someone at some point, just merely by continuing in my Aunt Kim ways. That lady, Katie Davis, now she has some serious mothering skills! I adore the example of faith she’s displayed before us, and I am so thankful for that book. It’s very precious indeed.

But me? At my computer..? What was I doing? Writing, sure but writing what? Writing like a mother, and writing like one of the beautiful woman of faith who’s willing to sift through all the words, faces, and pseudo-baggage to find my children, who the children of the faith in a Living God who draws out us out of the mire even when that mire is set mechanical systems that steal life rather than engages life as a living organism would.

I could talk or write theology, I am more well-versed in that than I desire to be, but that’s not the calling. Indeed there’s too much related to God and God’s heart that’s already been man-handled into something called “theology” but hardly having to do with the study of God at all. Maybe we all need to relook at this thoughts and somehow strain ourselves to hear what’s behind it.

In her book “Kisses for Katie” Katie Davis tells the story of how she was driving along one of the roads talking to her father who was visiting from the States when suddenly Katie pulled off the road and stopped her van. When the father asked why, she said she heard one of her children call out “mommy” to which her father replied “everyone around her calls you mommy. How did you know it was one of your girls?”  and simple as could be Katie says “When its one of yours you just know that little voice over the rest”

When I see articles written about how the Millennials are leaving the church and the end resolve so low that they ultimately just step over this issue and go on about their lives as usual, I find myself dumbfounded at such sluggardish ways! Something in me raise up within me against these authors who participate in the blame game as if there is no actual problem. Ok fine! Then send them to me.

Millennials are a problem for your “church”, but said-church doesn’t care enough to find the core problems. Ok. Send your Millennials to me.

Don’t just wait for a new & better generation to arise. It’ll be this one or none ever again!
I am not motherly, but I can’t stand this. Something must be said. Truth must be found. We don’t just let kids walk out and walk away into darkness. Not the church. The church never acts like that, and I mean never! If you see this happening, wake up! It’s not a generational gap, it’s a testimony about who’s who and what’s what.

It’s time to rethink church.


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