Comfort isn’t cheap

“Comfort ye my people…comfort Zion!”

Surely if any preacher, speaker, teacher had to speak about Israel and their history & future, I would think this would be the best and possibly easiest one to speak upon. The title was great, maybe even perfect, I only waited to hear what would come next. …three days later I’m still waiting. I’m sorting through the thing which were not said. I’m sorting through the intentions of those who spoke and giggled and gestured fervently but never brought it home. Be nice? Be available? Be just the same as you’ve always been instructed to do things? I must have missed it. When the speaker made the great point which brought down the truth… I must have been daydreaming in that moment. How else could not be there?

Have you ever had the terrible pleasure of being the one person your friend trust and turns to in their greatest sorrow yet? I remember that terrible sound as if it was just two days ago. I remember my own bones shaking and zeal raising up within me at the indignation of circumstances. My beloved friend called me over the phone, because I was miles away, she and her long time boyfriend just broke up. I was so sure (we were all sure) the we’re going to get married and live happily ever after. Yet, that night there was nothing but sobs and sobs and sniffle-laced questions from a cracking voice. I hate that sound in my memory …and yet I cherish it. This was the worst thing to happened to her thus far in her life and she called me. Me! Miles away, I was her closest best friend and I was there for her, even if not geographically. 

But how does one truly comfort the broken hearted? 

In most cases I would say don’t. …at least don’t let it be your first reaction. Let them cry. Don’t be afraid to cry with them. I fear if we don’t learn to be strong enough to cry now and to allow tears, then what will be when the worst thing ever comes to us? God has built our physchology to break down and protect as needed. One can actual lose concionceness and/or control over their own mind if we are unable to handle a situation healthfully. We can believe a reality that doesn’t exist to protect what little sanity might be left in our severely hurting damaged selves. I do not want to be that person. I don’t want to allow those in my care to become those kinds of disengaged human beings. I must have truth, and it must bring freedom and healing. 

Can we offer this to Zion? Are we ready for disaster beyond comprehension? Where is the comfort in the end of the world as we know it? Where is comfort when we’ve come to “this isn’t how this is suppose to happen”   Where is the comfort when your dreams and hopes have been taken away, and when you feel forsaken? Who can comfort this? 

We must be a people who can say “Behold, Zion, your God lives!”   We must not comfort Zion in our own strength and good nature or human compassion. Instead we must know the words & purposes of the Living God of Israel and share them, at that time, with a people who can’t even believe in humanity anymore. For that emptiness cannot be filled with our good intentions, cheer-up regards, or reasonings. It is not within us to be able to comfort Zion, but only through our God who is the Father of all mercy & comfort (2 Corinthians 1:3).  It is only Truth that will heal and set free in those days, and likely in these days as well. 


For more clearly defined thought on Israel & apocalyptic Biblical writings than my own check out:  



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