Things we’re not talking about

One of the most normal questions to ask someone whom you’re getting to know is, what’s their favorite movies. I love throwing out a strange diversity and which people to struggle to relate to one of them. When I’m talking to other ladies I do tend to mention Pride and Prejudice as one of my favorite movies. I have no idea ho many times I’ve seen this or if I can quote the whole movie yet or not.  I admit, I do watch some chick flick, and I would consider this one quality.

Being married, I am compassionate enough to no watch chick flicks with my husband (he doesn’t know how good he has it!). It’s easier to watch it by myself or with some girl friends on a movie night, then to receive my hunsband’s looks of are-you-kidding-me?!

My  husband is not a romantic. I could plead with him to try to be… but he’s just clueless to the imagination it would take to come up with something heartfelt and sweet all at the same time. He’s a good man, but this just doesn’t appeal to his inner man.

To be fair, I try to consider why husbands hate chick flicks, and more importantly why do women tend to love em so? What is about the ideas of being so cherished and treasured that some crazy-in-love man would chase after us with little to no self-regard? What is about the ideas that a man would come unraveled because he faces the ultimate reality that this woman has changed his existence merely in their meeting together?  Is it a sexes power-struggle in rose-colored lighting where we win be charm?

What is that thing that is happening in the chick flicks, which something in women particularly meet with affirmation?  What is it imagine ourselves to be so desired? To be victorious in the end… What is that happily-ever-after syndrome  which is so universal with woman?

More importantly, can I be happy without chick flicks in my life?  Or is something deep down yearning  for them?  Is it a curse!?

….wait, is it a curse?

In the beginning portion of the Bible it talks about a curse which comes from disobedience (giving birth to sin) and all culprits involved get a curse. …women included. 😦    The curse end like is: “You shall desire your husband, and he shall rule over you” (Genesis 3:16)

This is imperfect relationship.

The result of a curse is that we as women would desire our husbands (or a husband!) but then instead of a perfect cycling of this with matched desire, bringing happily-ever-after, the result is the husband rules over the wife..? What a terrible deal!

Even worse, it gets promoted under ridiculous conditions, and women are told that this is the way in which God set things up. No. God setup something much more perfect, and these standards are set for those who live under the curse. But we don’t have to live according to that curse! If we live according to Christ Jesus, then we are able to seek God’s good and perfect plan, and we do not have to be under the curse.

As a matter of fact, I think there’s still something within us that cries out to NOT be under the curse, but to be in God’s perfect plan. I think there’s something in us that isn’t crying out about “woman get paid less” or such politics off-centered topics, but cries out for unity as God intended. Something that cries out to be cherished and not scorned or subdued. It’s not even romance that we want as much as connection, equality of spirit to spirit, forgiveness instead of the blame-game.

Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. Could it be that truth is also more perfect than fantasy?


(Romans 8:1-2 = not under curse; Romans 12: 1-2 = free to live in God’s perfect plan)


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